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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your Next Home in Glendale AZ or The West Valley

The old saying goes, "The three most important things when considering a new home, are Location! Location! Location!"

Most buyers will have an idea of the type of house they need, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and size, but it is the location that it really pays to put a lot of thought into.

Making a list is always a good way to start. What location items are important to YOU? Some of the following suggestions may help. Many factors determine which items will apply in your case:

• Type of location; Urban in a bustling town, quiet Suburbs or Rural area

• Year Round Climate

• Lack of severe or dangerous Weather

• Travel time to work

• Access to Freeways

• Access to Public transport

• Quality of the Schools in the area 

• Proximity to family, friends, neighbours and support (babysitters, etc.) 

• What Local amenities are important
Indoor and outdoor work-out locations, youth activities, shopping, sports venues, entertainment, dining, a great local pub, art galleries, museums and parks. What would you like to have close by?

• The type of Views 

• Desirability of the area

• HOA Pros and Cons

• Street Parking

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