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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Apache Junction AZ

The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is reportedly a very rich gold mine located in the Superstition Mountains, near Apache Junction, which is east of the Phoenix, AZ metro area. The land is a designated Wilderness Area, and mining is now restricted.

For many years amateur fortune seekers and professional miners alike have searched for the mine.  Many variations of the story about the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine exist.

Weaver's Needle from Whiskey Spring Trail
The mine is named after German immigrant Jacob ("Dutchman") Waltz. It is perhaps the most famous lost mine in American history: Arizona place-name expert Byrd Granger notes that, as of 1977, the Lost Dutchman story was printed or cited at least six times more often than two other fairly well-known tales, the story of Captain Kidd's lost treasure, and the story of the Lost Pegleg mine in California. Robert Blair notes that people have been seeking the Lost Dutchman mine since at least 1892.

According to many versions of the tale, the mine is either cursed, or protected by enigmatic guardians who wish to keep the mine's location a secret.  Winter and early spring are the best time (temperature wise) to search for the mine.  It is a dangerous undertaking, as many folks have become lost and ended up losing their lives.  The mine has yet to give up its secrets.

As with many legends there are folks who believe the mine will someday be found and others that claim it has never really existed.

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