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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glendale AZ 85308 is Missing Out On...

So far I have covered plenty of events that happen in Glendale that makes it a great place to live but today I'm going to tell you some things that don't happen in Glendale that makes it an equally great place to live.

We don't have earthquake in 85308, although there have been earthquake in Northern and Southern Arizona and we have felt mild shaking from California earthquake in the Phoenix metro area.

Snow that stays on the ground. Although we get a few flakes now and then there hasn't been measurable snow since 0.1 inches on December 11 1985. Not enough to make snowballs so definitely not enough to shovel.

Arizona experiences few, if any, tornadoes each year.  The last confirmed tornado was on September 14, 1971, but it was in the southern part of Glendale not 85308.

We don't have volcanoes In Glendale.  There are volcanic flows in northern Arizona which are very interesting to view.  The Youngest flow is in the Grand Canyon area at 12,500 years ago.

You never have to worry about hurricanes in 85308. The closest we get to a hurricane is the rare one that die out in the Gulf of California more than three hundred and fifty miles away.

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