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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona

Go where the eagles dare to fly. .. the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

 Carved by the Colorado River over 15 million years and spanning approximately 277 miles long; the Grand Canyon captures the hearts of visitors around the world with its epic views of majestic mountain peaks and valleys, clear skies that soar into multiply shades of blue, and the awe inspiring diversity of Mother Nature.

 Located at the canyon’s west rim, the Grand Canyon Skywalk allows visitors to “Walk the Sky” with its unique glass bottomed cantilever U shaped observation deck that spans 70 feet over the canyon’s rim and sits 4,000 feet  above the Colorado River.  The glass which is the only element that separates visitors from the deep canyon floor weighs 1.2 million pounds.  Completed in March 2007, the Skywalk is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation in northwest Arizona and is the only architectural wonder of its kind that allows visitors to truly take in the experience of this beautiful and majestic place.

David Jin, an entrepreneur and Las Vegas based developer of the Skywalk, envisioned the idea of extending a glass bottom observation deck directly over the edge of the Grand Canyon, allowing visitors to feel the depth of the canyon floor while suspended mid air into sky the surrounds the carved peaks.  Mr. Jin presented his idea to the Hualapai Tribe who was eager to share with the world its precious and beautiful location known as Grand Canyon West on the tribe’s land.  In partnership with Jin’s dream, the Skywalk was developed as a one-of-a-kind, world-renowned tourist attraction and allows for a bird’s eye view of the tribe’s sacred canyon formation known as Eagle Point or ‘SA’ NYU WA, which means “eagle” in the Hualapai language.

The Skywalk is open 365 days a year from sun up to sun down and has been experienced by nearly two million people from six continents and over 50 countries.  Visitors are privileged to see the magnificent Grand Canyon from an unmatched best view possible.

Experience one of nature’s Wonders of the World and discover how to walk the sky with your feet still on the ground.

253 miles from Phoenix, make sure to check road conditions before leaving Phoenix. There is an upaved road into Grand Canyon West. The cost is approximately $86.81 for one person (after taxes and fees)

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