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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things to Know Before You List Your Home For Sale

Today's market presents some unique opportunities for buyers. With affordability near record highs and interest rates near record lows, many homeowners are making the decision to move up or on. Here a few simple tips to take into consideration when listing your home for sale. 

 1. Curb Appeal: Buyers make snap judgments about each home they view. These judgments are drawn largely from first impressions. Be sure your home has impressive curb appeal. Well kept landscaping is a must. If your home needs a fresh coat of paint, now is the time. And even if your paint or siding is in good repair, consider painting your front door an eye-catching color, such as red or blue.

2. Inspection: An inspection can make or break a deal. Even after a buyer has fallen in love with your house, he may decide foundation issues or faulty electrical are too much of a headache. The benefits of having an inspection done prior to listing can be beneficial in a couple of ways. First, your buyers will be aware of what repairs are needed before they make an offer. Second, you can choose to address these repairs and therefore have them removed from consideration altogether.

3. Repairs: Buyers don't like to hear long lists of needed repairs. This goes double for time-consuming and costly repairs, such as roof work or foundation issues. By identifying and addressing the issues, you may be able to yourself save time and money in the long run.

4. Organize Paperwork: There may be contracts or warranties you have on your home that will transfer to a new buyer. These can include appliances, builder warranties, and even contracts with lawn and pool companies there were paid up-front.

5. Talk to your lender: How much new home can you afford? Are you able to sell your home for enough to cover the remaining balance on the loan? These are important questions to get answered prior to listing!

6. Prepare for showings:  First, you should clean and organize. Have carpets cleaned and repaint dirty or loudly colored walls. Next, remove large and bulky furniture, as these make rooms appear smaller. And finally, take down personal pictures, trophies, and memorabilia that could distract the buyer from what they are actually interested in your home.

Every seller needs a competitive edge in today's market. By being prepared for selling and choosing the right agent to list with will gain you an advantage.   Call Mary Parkin and Associates,  Associate Broker, West USA Realty, Phone: 602-882-8080 and Toll Free at 888-211-8803
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