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Monday, July 25, 2011

Arizona Experience Museum

In 2012, Arizona will celebrate its first statehood centennial. Many events are planned throughout the Arizona to commemorate this important milestone. Part of the preparations for this centennial celebration is the opening of the Arizona Experience Museum on West Washington Street in downtown Phoenix where SKY Renewable will construct the first renewable energy project for this facility.

“The 66 kw solar roof installation has been made possible by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding,” said SKY Renewable Vice President Scott Young who will be the project manager for this solar panel installation that will begin in early July.

Previously named the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, the Arizona Experience Museum located near the State Capitol will be more energy efficient and expand its purpose from exhibiting mining techniques in Arizona to engaging visitors with Arizona history with such features as the orientation theater, “Remember.” According to the www.az100years.org, “The program combines carefully choreographed sounds, music, spoken words, video, photographs, artifacts, lighting, and even scents and vibrations to take visitors on an entertaining and educational journey from Arizona’s geologic past to its post-World War II technology boom.”

Not only will visitors have a better understanding of Arizona’s past at this new museum but they will also see where Arizona is headed which is certainly demonstrated by the installation of the SKY Renewable solar energy project.

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